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The National Human Genome Research Institute
Led the Human Genome Project for the National Institutes of Health, which culminated in the completion of the full human genome sequence in April 2003. Now, NHGRI moves forward into the genomic era with research aimed at improving human health and fighting disease.
The Genome Database
The official repository & international collaboration in support of the human genome project
National Center for Genome Resources
An independent, nonprofit research institution that develops and uses informatics for biological discovery.
Human Genome Project Information
The Genomics:GTL program is DOE’s next step in genomics building on data & resources from the Human Genome Project, the Microbial Genome Program, and systems biology to accelerate understanding of dynamic living systems for energy and environmental applications.
The Institute For Genomic Research
One of our projects using the power of genome sequencing will be harnessed to better understand the bacterial branches of the Tree of Life. This “phylogenomics” project, which will integrate genomic and phylogenetic studies, is one segment of the National Science Foundation’s “Assembling the Tree of Life” program.
LC Packings
A Doinex Company
GenomeNet and Bioinformatics Center
A Japanese network of database and computational services for genome research and related research areas in molecular and cellular biology. GenomeNet was established in September 1991 under the Human Genome Program of the then Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.
an Eppendorf
Human Genome Sciences
A pioneer in genomics for the discovery and development of new pharmaceutical products. Our goal is to become a global biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures and sells our own gene-based protein and antibody drugs.
Our biochemical and organic chemical products and kits are used in scientific and genomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, the diagnosis of disease and chemical manufacturing.
Genome Research
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press publishs a monthly, international, peer-reviewed journal, GENOME RESEARCH. The journal focuses on genome studies in all species, and presents research that provides or aids in genome-based analyses of biological processes. The journal represents a nexus point.
Plant Genome Information Resource
Plant genome data & information center
Agilent Technologies Bio-Rad Applied Biosystems Beckman Coulter
Qiagen NanoDrop
When every drop counts.
The Genomic Company
Thermo Electron Corporation Eppendorf
In Touch With Life

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