Logistics Issues


1. Generally the weakest links in the supply chain — that is, the most difficult to schedule, coordinate, monitor and control — in the post-9/11 age are: On-board transport; Rail transport; Trucking; Ground transport; Sea transport; Inland waterways; Air transport; Supply chain coordination; Information systems; Just-in-time inventory; Management direction; Staff coordination.

2. The most serious airline cargo problems involve: Please select all that apply: Shipment tracking; Inconvenient scheduling; Security delays; Inordinately high costs; Inadequate security; Meeting on-time needs.

3. Department of Homeland Security and EPA hazardous material handling requirements in my industry are: Too lax; Too strict; Too complicated; Off target; Inaccurately focused; Not enforceable.

4. The Commercial Operations Advisory Committee (COAC), in conjunction with Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP), completed draft versions of rules governing highway and ocean carriers’ compliance with Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). Drafts contain requirements that in cases where carriers do not control a segment of their supply chains, carriers must assess and certify their partners’ compliance with C-TPAT. Do you have an opinion on this requirement? Should work well; Impossible to implement; Will slow transport significantly; Off target, inaccurately focused; Not enforceable.

5. Container shipment difficulties include: Tracking; Security; On-time delivery commitments; Loss controls.

6. Generally computer systems serving the logistic functions, reporting, management needs: Support our company very well; Are adequate; Barely function adequately; Do not meet our needs.

7. Trucking shipments across country are generally: Easy to arrange; Function well: pick-up & delivery on time with little loss; Do not meet carrier commitments; Do not meet my company’s needs.

8. Considering Asia’s and especially China’s rapid development: Generally how much impact have you realized upon your ability to plan and successfully deliver for your supply chain? A major negative impact; A minor negative impact; No impact; Improved our efficiency.

9. Please select all logistics providers that you have contracted with and were satisfied enough to use again, including Kelly Ground-Air Expedite; Worldwide Air Logistics; C. H. Robinson; Hapag-Llyod Container Line; Farnair Europe; Scanlink Transport & Logistics AB
Pilot Air Freight; Bechtrans International.

10. Generally when appropriate for business needs, I prefer to contract with: FedEx; UPS; DHL; An LTL carrier.

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