Machine Tool Issues

1. Please select all that apply to your involvement with machine tools. I work with machine tools daily; I make machine tool purchasing decisions; I am an executive of a company that uses machine tools; I am an executive of a company that manufactures machine tools; I attend several machine tool trade shows annually.

2. Do you shop for machine tools using the Internet and then make direct contact with manufacturers and used equipment suppliers? Yes, I use that approach exclusively; Yes, I use that approach & also visit trade shows; No, I primarily use trade shows to shop & make contacts; No, I have experience and maintain a list of trusted manufacturers & suppliers that I contact directly for most machine tool needs.

3. Please consider overall productivity derived from the factories that you have experience in. Select the two most significant aspects that you work to change because you know they impact efficiencies and productivity. Country: Domestic versus foreign; Labor unions; Availability of land, sea, & air transportation; Availability of raw materials; Proximity of suppliers.

4. Over your years of experience how has the labor force changed? Today’s is better educated in basic skills – reading, math, communication; Today’s is more easily trained in specific job tasks; Today’s works harder; Today’s is more concerned with quality of the finished goods; Today’s demands more supplemental benefits for the same work.

5. In your experience approximately how long does it take to select a location, arrange permits and tax issues with local authorities, plan and build the facility, install all equipment, hire and train the work force, and bring the new manufacturing facility online?
1, 2, or 3; It varies more by country than by finished product to provide one general answer; And today it takes less time than it used to for a similar production facility; And today it takes more time than it used to for a similar production facility.

6. When your company is in the preliminary phase of selecting the location of a new manufacturing facility, what are the two most meaningful factors? Country: Domestic versus foreign; Balance of payments & currency exchange factors; Labor force education level; Labor unions; Availability of raw materials
Availability of land, sea, & air transportation; Proximity of suppliers.

7. Of all machine tool trade shows you have attended in the last five years, does any single trade show stand out as being very useful? Yes, that show was the _____. No. 8. Do you or others from your company plan to attend the next IMTS? Yes, definitely; We have not decided; Probably not; We have in the past, but probably will not attend the next show.

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