Medical Equipment & Pharmaceuticals

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Chiron Hoechst Goodfellow Corporation
Supplier of metals & materials in small quantities for research, industry, & prototype development.
Sensor Dynamics
Heart rate monitors
Dow Chemical Applying chemistry to benefit SFRI USA
Open enzyme immunoassay instruments
Glaxo Wellcome Nuaire
Biological safety cabinets, Ultra temp freezers
Pfizer Johnson & Johnson American Home Products National Biosciences
Eli Lilly & Co. Merck Ohaus Corp. Cole-Parmer Instrument Perkin Elmer Astra
Calbiochem- Novabiochem Intl. Roche Linseis International
Recording instruments
Thermal analysis
Data acquisition
Barnstead Dataq Instruments Epicentre Technologies
DNA sequencing
Specialty pharmaceuticals
Gas & liquid chromatography, Elemental test & analysis
Savant Industries Bio-Rad Laboratories Whatman
Filtration, Diagnostics, Separators, Biochromatography
Molecular Devices
International Equipment Co. Carl Zeiss Clontech Rhone-Poulenc Qiagen
Innovation working for you
Brinkmann Instruments
Bristol-Myers Squibb Corning Costar Tecan US
Automated liquid handling & Robotics
Perfector Scientific Smithkline Beecham Ambion
mRNA quantitation
Genomyx Pall Filtron Wright-Line The Baker Co. Nikon USA Mead Johnson
Warner Lambert Baxter
Advancing patient care
Parke-Davis Maclab
Data recording
Ultra-violet products
Panvera DuPont Pharmaceuticals Abbott Laboratories Ciba pehamed
Sensitometers & densitometers for Quality Assurance for mammography

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