Optronics, Lasers, & Microwave

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Flexco Microwave
Super low loss cables for wireless systems
Supplier of metals & materials in small quantities for research, industry, & prototype development.
Laser systems & Precision optics
Fabicating Technologies
Positive Light
Solid state laser systems
Edmund Scientific
Lasers, Optics, Positioning
Automated metrology
Motorola Melles Griot Opto Power
High power diode lasers & arrays
Laser Power Optics Neslab
Temperature control
Huber + Suhner
Energy & signal transmission
Sensor Dynamics
Heart rate monitors
ILX Lightwave Precite
Liads, monitors, sensors
Light sensing, generating, measuring devices & components
Lasercut Machining
Scientific, Industrial, Medical applications
CVI Laser
Computer control spectroscopy
Zeiss Applied Image Newport
Opto-mechanical & test & measurement components
Non-linear optical & laser crystals
Rolyn Optics
Quality Optics for Industry
Polytec PI Mini- Circuits Quantronix Ophir Optronics Hewlett Packard
Kaiser Systems
High voltage & Hogh power supply & conversion systems
Cascade Microtech Dorne & Margolin Tektronics
Instruments & analyzers: Converging Technologies
Celeritek Instruments
Microwave /RF communications
Convergent Energy
Production line lasers
Maury Microwave Cambridge Technologies
Galvanometer based optical scanners
Spectra Physics Lasers Stanford Telecom
Discrete & IC design & manufacturer of semiconductors for a wide range of markets & applications
Connectors, Couplers, Filters
Fujitsu Kalmus Thermo Voltek Eagleware
A G Communication Systems Nokia
PCS wireless communications & Consumer Electronics,
Amplifier Research
Broadband rf & microwave test equipment
The leader in  diode-pumped lasers
Belden Weinschel Corp. Melcor
Thermal solutions
California Eastern Laboratories DSP Development Corp.
Andrew Corp. Storm Products
Cable, Wire, Fiber optics
NJR Corp. Laser Machining, Inc. Penstock
Flexible coaxial cable
Replacement cables
Anritsu Wiltron
Optical, PCM, rf/microwave test measurment
Interconnect products
Full line test instrumentation
TRW Uniphase
Ultraviolet to ultrared lasers
Allen Telecom Keithley Instruments Macken Instruments Linx Technologies Cambridge Technology AMP
Connecting Devices Ericsson MDC Vacuum Products Corporation
Vacuum coating essentials
Richardson Electronics

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