Transportation Issues


 1. Transportation is the method of progress. Problems involved with using carbon-based fuels will eventually force us to use vehicles powered by technologies not yet perfected or tested out of a laboratory… or off the scientists’ scratch pads. Please select any of those you believe have potential and are worth government funding. MagLev; Fuel cell; VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing); Hybrid: electric gasoline; Air flotation; Nuclear fission; Nuclear fusion.

2. Hybrid gas-electric powered vehicles are now available at reasonable prices. How likely are you to buy at least one of these for the purpose of being ecologically helpful? Very likely; It’s possible; Definitely not.

3. Select any of the following transportation types that you intentionally avoid for safety reasons of any sort. Auto; Train; Air; Other.

4. What improvements in train travel could entice you to use a train on a vacation? High-speed; Frequent scheduling; More luxurious on-board services (food, sleeping, etc.); Nothing.

5. Select the issues you feel seriously affect your air travel: Uncomfortable seating; Unappetizing food; Confusing pricing; Inconvenient scheduling; Poor on time record; Other.

6. How would an additional $2.00 per gallon impact your driving routines? I would take a bus or train to work; I would schedule & consolidate my grocery shopping to drive less to the shop for food; It would have little impact; Other.

7. If you could purchase a ticket to ride on the space shuttle at reasonable price, how likely are you to take a vacation ride into outer space? Very; Possibly; Never.

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